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KLUB 11 Pre-Member Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

    1. Eligibility: Any person who is aged 18 or above and satisfies the membership entry requirements as may be specified by K11 LP from time to time is eligible for application for Membership.
    2. Discretion to Decline: K11 LP is entitled to decline any application for Membership at its absolute discretion without giving any reasons.
    3. No KLUB Points: For avoidance of doubt, K11 LP does not offer any KLUB Point to Members for any spending in Transaction by the Members which are already counted as fulfilment of the applicable conditions for application of Membership.
    4. Use of Card: K11 LP and the Designated Merchants are entitled to request a Member to produce his Card when he claims for any Benefits or make a request in relation to his Membership, the Card, the KLUB Points and the Benefits. K11 LP and the Designated Merchants are entitled to assume without proof that the bearer of a Card is the Member named thereon.
    5. Non-Transferability: The Membership, the Card, the KLUB Points and the Benefits are not transferable by the Member and may only be used or enjoyed by the Member to whom the Membership, the Card, the KLUB Points and the Benefits are granted or issued.
    6. Pre-Membership: No Benefits will be enjoyed by Pre-Members including but not limited to the granting of KLUB Points.
    7. Upgrade to Gold Card Member of Pre-Membership: Upon registration as Pre-Member after the first time transaction, if the accumulated spending of Pre-Member has reached HKD5,000 within 60 days or same-day spending has reached HKD3,000, he/she will be upgraded to Gold Card Member automatically. If Pre-Member fail to fulfill the upgrade requirement within the designated period, the accumulated spending record will be forfeit and it will be re-calculated upon the next transaction.
    8. Termination of Pre-Membership: K11 LP is entitled to terminate the Pre-Membership of a Pre-Member automatically if the Pre-Member does not satisfy all conditions for becoming a Gold Card Member within the period specified by K11 LP. Upon such termination, K11 LP is also entitled to forfeit all accumulated spending of such Pre-Member and does not include them for calculation of Benefits purpose.
    9. Registration Required: To earn KLUB Points, the Gold Card Member shall register the spending in the Transaction by presenting his Card and other proofs as specified in the terms and conditions to the KLUB Concierge Perks in the same K11 or Designated Mall or other locations as specified by K11 LP from time to time within 7 days after the date of the relevant Transaction or other period as specified by K11 LP from time to time. KLUB Points are deemed to be earned by the Gold Card Member on the date of the Transaction.
    10. Deemed Correct: If a Gold Card Member does not report the error on KLUB Points to K11 LP within thirty (30) days from date of issue of a statement from K11 LP to the Gold Card Member, the Gold Card Member is deemed to agree to the accuracy of the KLUB Points on the statement.
    11. Cut-off Date: The KLUB Points which a Gold Card Member has earned will be subject to a cut-off date depending on the date the Gold Card Member becomes a Gold Card Member of KLUB 11.
Date of Joining KLUB 11 as a Gold Card Member KLUB Points Cut-Off Date
1 January to 31 March 31 March of each following year
April to 30 June 30 1 June of each following year
July to 30 September 30 1 September of each following year
1 October to 31 December 31 December of each following year
  1. Expiry: All the KLUB Points earned on or before the corresponding cut-off date shall expire within 14 days of the day after the corresponding cut-off date.
  2. Use: The use of the KLUB 11 Website and facility by the Member is also governed by, if any, the applicable terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy Statement of such website and facility.
  3. Additional Terms: K11 LP is entitled to impose additional terms and conditions in respect of the Membership, the Card, the KLUB Points and the Benefits from time to time. Should there be any inconsistencies between the terms and conditions of this Agreement and those additional terms and conditions, those additional terms and conditions shall prevail.
  4. Verification of Identification: K11 LP and the Designated Merchants are entitled to request a Member to present his Card and, if necessary, other identification documents for verification of identities of the Member when the Member claims for any Benefits.
  5. Right to Terminate or Suspend: K11 LP reserves the right to forthwith terminate or suspend the Membership of any Member at any time at the sole discretion of K11 LP without any reasons or compensation.
  6. Forfeiture of KLUB Point: K11 LP is entitled to cancel all unused KLUB Points of a Member forthwith upon termination of its Membership for whatsoever reasons without any compensation.
  7. Waiver of rights: A Member hereby is deemed to have read, understood and agreed that he does not rely on any statement, representation, assurance or warranty made by K11 LP and shall waive all of his rights, if any, against K11 LP in relation thereof.
  8. Right to Modify: K11 LP is entitled to, at any time, modify the structure, contents and other features of the Program, including but not limited to joining programs of or having arrangements with other programs for customer rewards and targeted offers.
  9. Right to Amend: K11 LP is entitled to revise and amend this Agreement at any time without any prior notice.
  10. Right to Interpret: The right to interpret this Agreement is vested in K11 LP. In case of any disputes, the decision of K11 LP shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.
  11. English Version Prevails: The Chinese version of this Agreement is for reference only. In case of discrepancies between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version prevails.
  12. Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and shall be subject to non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong.


Full version of Terms and Conditions of KLUB 11 Program set out at KLUB 11 website ( applies to this enrolment form.


Personal Information Collection Statement

  1. General: K11 Loyalty Program Limited (“K11”), which engages in major businesses of customer services, will deal with all personal data in accordance with (a) the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (b) Privacy Policy Statement of K11 and (c) the laws of Hong Kong SAR. The following sets out the specific areas.
  2. Purpose and Use: The personal data collected from you by K11 may be used for the following purposes:
    1. daily operation of your membership account;
    2. administration of your membership account and records;
    3. marketing analysis, research and development;
    4. advertising, marketing, public relations and direct marketing (including cross-marketing) in relation to charity (which includes solicitation of donation for the purposes of relief of poverty, advancement of education, advancement of religion and other charitable purposes beneficial to the community) and the provisions of goods, facilities and/or services in respect of properties development and management, department stores, consumer products, jewelries, hospitality and/or transportation (collectively, the “Classes of Marketing Items”);
    5. communicating news and information;
    6. identification for provision of goods, services, benefits, offers and promotions;
    7. processing of purchase orders;
    8. provision of goods, services and benefits;
    9. information and database administration;
    10. collection or recovery of any debt owed by you to K11;
    11. matters relating to a transfer of the business of or any shares in K11 or a change in the shareholdings of K11 or an amalgamation of K11 with another body;
    12. complying with any statutory or regulatory requirements; and
    13. other purposes directly related to the aforesaid.
  3. Transfer and Disclosure: For the purposes mentioned in clause 2 above, K11 may share your personal data with or transfer the same to:
    1. K11 Concepts Limited, K11 Design Store Limited, K11 (China) Limited, K11 Select Limited, K11 Art Foundation Limited, K11 Group Limited, New World Development Company Limited, New World Loyalty Programme Limited, New World China Land Limited, New World Department Store China Limited, NWS Holdings Limited, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited, Discovery Park Commercial Services Limited, and their respective holding companies, associated companies, fellow subsidiaries and/or subsidiaries whose major businesses are the provision of such Classes of Marketing Items (collectively, “New World Group”);
    2. the business associates and partners of K11 whose major businesses are the provision of such Classes of Marketing Items (collectively, “K11 Business Partners”);
    3. agents, contractors, suppliers and service providers engaged by K11 to assist with providing you K11’s services (including data processing service providers, mail processing service providers and information technology service providers) (collectively, “K11 Service Providers”);
    4. the new owner of K11’s business; and
    5. law enforcement agencies, regulatory authorities, government departments and related organizations, courts and tribunals, within Hong Kong or in Mainland China.

    The terms “share”, “share with” and “sharing” shall for all purposes of this Personal Information Collection Statement include transfer.

  4. Optional Provision of Data: It is voluntary for you to provide your personal data to K11. However, if you fail to do so, we may not be able to process your membership application.
  5. Access and Correction of Information: You have the right to request either verbally or in writing:
    1. access to your personal data held by K11 (if any); and
    2. correction of your personal data that is inaccurate (if any).

    K11 may charge a fee for processing your data access request. In accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, your request may be refused if it is not made in writing.

  6. Enquiries and Requests: If you have any questions or wish to access or correct your personal data held by K11, please contact K11’s Personal Data Privacy Officer, who is to handle your enquiry or request, at:K11 Loyalty Program Limited

    10/F, Inter-Continental Plaza, 94 Granville Road,

    Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


    Legal Department

    Personal Data Privacy Officer

    (Marked Confidential)

  7. Security: The physical records of your personal data will be stored in secured places with restricted access. The electronic records of your personal data will be stored in the servers of K11 located in secured places and protected by adequate IT security measures. Only authorized personnel of K11 will have access to these records and servers.
  8. Privacy Policy: Please also read the Privacy Policy Statement of K11 which sets out the general privacy policy and practices of K11 in respect of its collection, holding, processing and use of your personal data. The Privacy Policy Statement is also applicable to you.