FAQ - K11


Can I join a K11 ATELIER ACADEMY course if I am not a K11 ATELIER tenant nor an employee of a tenant?
K11 ATELIER ACADEMY is a program exclusively designed for the K11 ATELIER community of tenants. For non-tenants joining the courses, he or she has to be accompanied by a tenant who will also be attending the course.
Are there any birthday offers for KLUB 11 Gold Card Members enrolled in K11 ATELIER ACADEMY courses?
Yes. KLUB 11 Gold Card Members can enjoy 50% off K Dollars to redeem 1 course at K11 ATELIER ACADEMY during their birthday month. If the member registers for more than 1 course, the 50% off K Dollars offer will apply to whichever course with the highest value. Please note K Dollar is only applicable to selected courses.
After enrolling, can I transfer my course admission to others?
Can I reschedule courses after application?
No, unless the number of admissions of the relevant course is fewer than the minimum required number of enrollments. K11 ATELIER shall have the right to cancel the class and invite the participant(s) to switch to another class with 3 days prior notice.
Can I get a refund after application?
What payment methods are available?
You can pay online with Visa, MasterCard or AMEX, and K Dollar is only applicable to selected courses.